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  • Henry Paniccia

I'm back!

I know I’ve been gone from this blog for nearly a year, and if you are a regular viewer I deeply apologize.

I had a whirlwind of events happening in my personal life that made it difficult for me to continue. Without getting into all those nasty details, it wasn’t pretty. But I’m extremely excited to be back at it!

In the past couple months I also started to venture into a new career. From October until March I was a full time day trader. I have investing experience and wanted to get back into it. For whatever reason, I grew kind of tired of the music industry. Protage wasn’t growing like I wanted it to grow so I focused my energy on other projects, mainly, day trading.

I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me. The man who took me under his wing for six months was a former music industry professional who played guitar with a household name for both rock music lovers and others. He is a great human being who I am honored to have been able to work with.

But the work wasn’t for me. I found myself missing the music industry, the concerts, the engagement with fans, bands, and venues. I missed booking shows.

So I am coming back with guns blazing! The industry must have missed me as well because I am bombarded with show offers from BIG names! I can’t name all of them quite yet but it looks like 2019 is going to be a great year with full sails ahead.

I’m happy to be back at it. And I’ll be seeing you all at a Protage, Inc event in no time!

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