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  • Henry Paniccia

Why 'The Dirt' movie appeals to so many of us

Netflix recently released the biopic ‘The Dirt’ which follows the story of Motley Crue. Critics seemed to hate it while fans and lovers of rock music in general seem to love it. I’m with the band on this one – to hell with the critics! The movie wasn’t made for them anyway.

It shows the ups and downs of the music industry during its time. It shows the parties, the drugs, the business end of things, the good and bad sides.

But it also shows the lifestyle. And while partying, drinking, using drugs, and sleeping with groupies is fun and all, it has a downside. Which is addiction, STDs (Eazy-E anyone?), hardships, conflicts between the bands, and more.

Fans loved the movie because it was real. It didn’t sugar coat anything and gave a very realistic view of the world they lived in.

What about your band? Is it a real representation of your members? The music reflected the lifestyle for Motley Crue. It was raw and unapologetic.

‘The Dirt’ showed a classic story of becoming a rockstar. It worked for them because it was fitting. Maybe it won’t work for you. That’s fine. I remember watching an interview with Winds of Plague where they said they regularly went to amusements parks while on tour and rarely touched booze. Not what you would expect from a band like that, but that was their thing and they owned it.

Your band can and should be a representation of its members. But remember people want to connect with your music. Meaning they want to connect with you. So be you. Don’t try to be the next *insert band name here*. Be the first *insert YOUR band name here*.

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