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  • Henry Paniccia


I’m not sure why some people think that professionalism goes out the window when working in music, but it’s not true.

I have turned down bands, job offers, venues wanting me to book shows, all because I saw a lack of professionalism.

It’s important. Don’t lie to yourself and think otherwise.

Being a professional isn’t about being nice or yessing everyone to death. It’s about being organized and having a clear goal in mind when you present yourself, or your band, or your venue, or whatever. It’s highly annoying when I am dealing with a venue or promoter or band that doesn’t understand basic professionalism is important.

I think band members get blamed for this the most but people in the background are not clear of blame. Shit, I’ve even had moments where I lost myself in the moment and forgot where I was, what I was doing. It happens. But happening once and happening as a reoccurring theme are two very different things.

Unprofessional promoters are the ones who have the nerve to book a band but not pay them. Unprofessional booking agents are the ones who lie to potential and actual clients about what they can do for them. Unprofessional managers are those who’s own self interest exceeds that of their clients. Unprofessional bands are the ones who get drunk before they play.

Be cautious of anyone who shows signs that they are not a professional in this industry. It means that they don’t take their job and career serious. And if they aren’t taking themselves serious, chances are they won’t take you seriously either.

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