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What services does Protage, Inc provide?

Protage, Inc works in concert promotion, artist management, and tour management. 

Will you promote my band on a show?

There are many factors going into whether or not I will add you to a show. Most shows I do require the local acts to sell advance tickets.

Will you become my artist manager?

Again, there are multiple factors that I take into account when considering taking on a client. Send me your information with social media pages, music links, and contact information.


*If your band is less than two years old, it is unlikely I will take you on as a client.

*If your band has members under 18 years of age, I will not take you on as a client.

Will you be my band’s tour manager?

Just like promoting you on a show or being your artist manager there are many factors for me to consider. Please send me your social media pages, music links, and contact information.


Where do you promote shows?

Typically in all major cities in Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, etc.) however I have promoted shows in Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. I am open to booking shows outside of Florida.

Do your shows allow moshing/hardcore dancing/slam dancing/etc.?

Yes, unless the venue says otherwise. I encourage all patrons to be aware of their surroundings to ensure their safety.

Do your shows allow “crowd killing”?

While it is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED, it does happen. Please, remain aware of your surroundings.

*Protage, Inc and Protage Booking Agency, Inc are NOT liable for any injuries you may sustain at a show.

Are your shows all ages?

Some are, some are not. It is important to pay attention to all details regarding a particular show.

Are there photographers at your shows?

Typically yes. Understand if you are at a show you are agreeing to be on camera and possibly have photos of you posted online.

Do I need an ID to go to a show?
If the show is an all ages show, you will need a state issued ID to drink. If you do not have an ID you will be treated as a minor. If the show is 18 years old and up or 21 years old and up you absolutely need to show your ID at the door.

Where can I buy advance tickets to a show?

The bands will have advance tickets typically but if they do not, a link will be provided for you to buy tickets.

Is there any way I can get in the show for free?



I have a question not listed. How can I contact you?

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