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  • Henry Paniccia

New Facebook Marketing Tips

I have a show coming up on June 25th. For this shows online promotion I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a while, which was to get a promo video made. Videos do better in means of digital promotion because it is a more visually exciting experience than just a flyer.

With this video I wanted to try a new approached I was told to take by my personal chef, who also works for an advertisement company.

That tip was to ditch the idea of ONLY advertising to music genres and paint a picture of the type of person who was listening to my genre.

Typically I would simply promote the video to a variety of genres in whatever genre I was promoting. So if I am doing a metalcore show I was promoting to metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, post hardcore, pop punk, heavy metal, death metal, mathcore, and so on. I would only include interests and similar A-lister band names that I thought the genre’s fan would listen to. For my metalcore example that would include bands like Motionless In White, Parkway Drive, I Prevail, etc.

When my chef told me to paint the picture of the type of person that listens to my music I hit Facebook and made a post asking people who were fans of hardcore music what different interests they had. Some of the most common interests surprised me. They included fishing, cooking, working out, guns, shooting, clubbing and more strange interests that I would not have thought people who listen to hardcore would be into.

The June 25th show is a hardcore and deathcore show in Fort Myers, Florida.

I ran the video promotion and so far I have seen almost double in reach but less than usual in engagement. The ad still has seven more days to run but so far I am happy with the reach but not the engagement.

It was definitely a new way to look at posting advertisements though. One I am happy I added into my advertising. I will continue to look into it and see what I am doing right verse what I am doing wrong. All in all though I can’t judge until the ad has ran it’s full cycle.

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