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How NOT To Get Burned Out

I truly love working in the music business. But just like any job, I don’t like all of it.

I don’t mean to sit here and bitch, and I won’t, but sometimes I get very sick and tired of some of the parts that come along with this work.

Being on social media all the time inspires this post.

Social media is massively important to this industry. You can say it isn’t all you want but it is. Managers, labels, promoters, bands, everyone is looking at your social media first to see how you market. Seeing your marketing technique can tell someone a lot about your music, your dedication, your drive, etc. It’s just simply true. It’s also true that social media isn’t everything, and should never be the only consideration when looking to work with a band.

Social media also just fucking sucks. You get sucked into such a massive amount of unimportant and irrelevant bullshit that has nothing to do with anything. I’m no different.

Paperwork is another thing that sucks about this job. You need to stay organized but it doesn’t mean it is going to be your favorite part of this job.

Now, how do you NOT get burned out on the bad, which you have to endure, to experience the good?

Last night I had a show with some of Orlando’s greatest musicians. Like any show I have ever done, there were a couple issues that needed to be addressed immediately. I’m the promoter so I get to be the person to address the issues. To be entirely honest, I do not mind at all. I enjoy this end of my job. I had to negotiate and rework a schedule to better assist the musicians playing the show. It all worked out very well.

I would have never got to enjoy the pressure of making it all work if I didn’t endure the bullshit on social media and do the paperwork to make the show happen.

Keep in mind, as with all things, there is always good with the bad.

So how do you NOT get burned out? Easy. You keep in mind that you always have to dig before you can build.

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