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  • Henry Paniccia

Slayer Calling It Quits

Slayer announced today that they are embarking on what is likely to be their final US tour with Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Mid 1980’s to 2018 is a great run. 33 year or so of making some of the greatest thrash metal hits we have ever had the pleasure of headbanging to. Every metalhead in the world knows who they are, their greatest hits, and their not so good albums.

I’ve seen them many, many times live. Including earlier this year with Lamb Of God and Behemoth. That’s what doesn’t make sense to me… they are bringing out two bands they toured with the last time they hit the road. Typically bands like to shake it up a bit, bring new bands on their tours, new fans, etc.

I’m in no way complaining. Lamb Of God is in my top five, along with Behemoth (surprisingly, Slayer is not). I just think it is strange they would bring out such a familiar line up.

They are regulars on the road with Anthrax and Testament as well. I’ve seen them play with both bands at festivals, twice.

Ultimately though, this is a good thing. I know it is hard to see it that way. No one in the metal community wants to say it (except maybe the Elitists and no one pays attention to them anyway, and for good reason). These older guys step down so Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, Five Finger Death Punch, and more can take their place under the spotlight. And then the bands under those bands, Motionless In White, Whitechapel, and more can take their place. The same method is applied again and again until we see the new wave of music come and take place.

Are you ready?

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