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Album Release

Yesterday I had the privilege of being able to attend the album release of my clients in The Knowing Within. They were accompanied by Not In Vain, Be That As It May, Giraffe Fight, Good News We’re Dead, and Lies Behind Your Eyes. It was a phenomenal show from start to finish.

Album release shows are a great opportunity for bands. You released your previous EP or LP some months, a year, whenever, back and now you are finally giving your fans what they want… new material. This should be an exciting time for you and a show where you have a massive crowd engaged with your music.

Here’s some tips –


Do NOT sleep on the advertising for this show. Sell pre sale tickets and sell them happily. The entire point of this show is to show off what you and your band have been working on recently. People need to hear about the show. Get on Facebook groups, Instagram tags, Twitter everything, if you have an account (if youre a vocalist you should). Blast it out and scream it from the mountain tops!


This is a show that you should be working very closely with the promoter on to pick your ideal line up. At the album release show last night the line up was stacked with talent who draws significantly in Orlando. While I did not work last night as a promoter, it is the exact bands I would have chosen. The Knowing Within did a great job working with the promoter on what they wanted.


Shake hands and kiss babies. Let every person there know you are excited, happy, stoked, whatever, that they are in the building and getting ready to rock out with you. You will have a massive amount of your own fans there, but grab some new ones! You should be doing this at any show, but let the additional energy of your album release inspire you to go beyond what you would typically.

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