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Rap Vs. Rock Recap

I have been fortunate enough to have two separate events linking rap and rock alongside Tampa promoter, John Poet (Poet Vibes).

The first one was a massive success where rap musicians and rock bands and their fans came together to enjoy music. This allowed each musician to explore a new fan base and network with other individuals outside of their typical network.

Tampa rapper TAL won the first show. He went onto the second and tied with Tampa punk rock band, The Damnsels. The Damnsels are a band I have worked with in the past and they put on an amazing show that is an amazing sight to see. Not being a particularly big punk fan myself, I can and often do seek them out and their shows for a visitation to the middle school years when punk was regularly in my CD player.

TAL is a local Tampa rapper who has amassed a large fan base due to his creative song structure and mix of intelligently used instrumentals. He is a phenomenal story teller and regularly takes time between his songs (on stage) to discuss his next story and further engage the crowd.

Poet Vibes and I judge the winner based on who draws the most people and has the best overall crowd engagement.

Round 3 will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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