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What Happens When Your Band Goes Political

I am not, nor will I, make any kind of political statement nor will I take a side. In my personal life I follow politics regularly because it is a personal interest and something I find incredibly fascinating. I have many personal relationships that are based in politics. These people include the left, the right, and everything in between. HOWEVER, I think it is important to keep that aside from your professional life.

So, to go political or not.

Honestly, it probably won’t have a major impact in regards to your fans. For example, one of the bands I am a HUGE fan of has a vocalist with strong opposing views to mine. I don’t care. He makes great music that I have been listening to for years.

Where it can have an impact is in your professional life. I would not work with a band that has drastically different views from me. Whether the furthest right or furthest left, I would not work with an act that held radical views. Reason being is that I have to look to my own future. If I book Band A who has radical political views in some way, and their music, their fans, and their community was a product of that, I am alienating myself from working with another act in the future who is more (for lack of a better term) middle of the road, or at least non-radical.

Also, as I mentioned above, I am a fan of a band whose vocalist has differing views from my own. But I connect to his bands music. I feel it. I can put on a song that his band created and feel like they are speaking from my heart. Though, if every song they put out were directly in opposition to my personal views, I wouldn’t listen. In the same way some Christian metal bands can’t get booked for a birthday party, because they do not open up their lyricism or musical content to reach everyone, only Christians. I remember I went to see The Devil Wears Prada and Demon Hunter (both Christian metal acts) and it was a five band tour package. Those were the only two that didn’t spend an overt amount of time preaching and quoting the bible.

Guess who got old, real quick? Guess who’s conversations about religion made a massive amount of people uncomfortable? Guess who’s preaching over ruled their musical talent? Sure they got a couple new fans for doing it, but they lost out on many more for being too preachy.

Same goes for going political. I would ask you to keep that in mind.

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