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  • Henry Paniccia

Mumble Rappers

Mumble rappers might be the biggest insult to music since Rebecca Black.

And you agree with that statement too, whether you want to admit it or not.

Eminem sure as fuck isn’t a rap god anymore but he was once and his lyricism is what got him there. Rap used to be heavily about lyrics. Yes, the best learned how to combine it with a solid beat but the lyrics were what drew rap fans in 99% of the time.

Now it’s the exact opposite.

Now the producer is the most talented one in the room and these mumble rappers essentially hum their way along to the beat. There is the idea of the fans wanted it so keep doing it, but let's be real... It took off with one rapper doing this shit and the large record labels saw it as a cash machine so they keep pushing it. That's how top 40 trends work.

It’s disgusting and needs to be stopped.

I challenge each of your rap artists out there to bring back rap. Have the same beats. They’re good. Keep them. But even stupid lyrics are better than this shit.

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