• Henry Paniccia

Strategizing Your Calendar As A Promoter

Every industry has a season, and music is no different.

Any promoter who has been in the game for more than a year knows that October is a heavy touring month, and also the last heavy touring month of the year.

Recognizing this we have to ask ourselves who is going to be our best bet as we get bombarded with show offers.

I’m fortunate to be at a point where I can say no to the locals touring because I know I will be slammed with other show offers from regional and national acts. This is a great position to be in but there is always a downside…

Everyone else is in the same position.

Agents do this regardless but especially during the season when all bands are hitting the road. They will contact as many promoters as they can to get the highest bid. Whoever bids highest is the winner. This turns into quite the bloodbath as you see promoters doing anything they can to book the better names during season.

And it’s totally expected and understandable.

The benefit for the promoters is that we all know that everyone else is touring, and with that much competition we can keep our overheads relatively low, in regards to artist guarantees.

So as season approaches we now have to strategize our calendars to make sure we are leaving the weekends for nationals and the weekdays for regionals. Of course a good opportunity is a good opportunity regardless of the stature of the band headlining but it doesn’t mean we suddenly ignore the facts at hand.

Plan accordingly, my friends.


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