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Launch Music Conference

This post is a day late because I have just returned from Launch Music Conference.

Launch Music Conference was by far one of the coolest conferences I have ever attended. I was able to meet with legends currently in the industry and hear them speak as panelist. Some of the panelists there were current employees of Vans Warped Tour, Outerloop Management, Fearless Records, Catalyst Publicist Agency, and more.

After each panel, which unfortunately only lasted 45 minutes to an hour each, we were able to go directly up to these individuals and pick their brain apart about specific questions in relation to their discussion.

I was able to sit down with Frank Fanelli for over an hour and discuss touring opportunities in the market. I was exceptionally satisfied with the information he gave me on not only where to find jobs in the touring industry, but also how to keep them. He also gave me great advice on being more diverse in the touring jobs I seek out.

Each VIP attendee (which I was) was supposed to be allowed one 15 minute session with an industry leader. My 15 minute session was an hour with Frank Fanelli. The next day I went back and asked if I could talk to anyone who was currently available. I was allowed and received an additional combined hour talking to two separate lawyers and a representative from the Catalyst Publicist Agency.

Networking with any publicist is important and I was invited to attend a Florida based panel where industry leaders in Florida will talk to students about the current world and position of the music industry.

I was also able to get answers to many questions I had in regards to liability concerns. Working in live entertainment, safety is always on my mind. Sitting down for a FREE consultation with an entertainment lawyer to discuss liability was massively helpful to me and my company.

Overall it was a great experience. I didn’t even mention the numerous bands that played live. I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with them as well.

I will definitely go back next year if my work schedule allows me to.

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