• Henry Paniccia

Branching Out of One Genre

When I first got the idea to work in music, I was at a rock/metal music festival.

When I was studying entertainment business, I was told it would be in my best interests to stay in one genre.

And I did. For a long time.

But to those of you who have been paying attention, I have two rap shows coming up. Same artist, two cities. I have done two or three different EDM shows. I have done three Rock vs. Rap shows. At this point I am seeing the benefit in branching out of just one genre.

I will always be a metalhead at heart. I have a select few rappers who I regularly listen to, but otherwise it is metal and rock.

I don’t like country. I used to listen to jazz and blues but now the majority of it annoys me. I used to loathe EDM and still wouldn’t call myself a fan, but it is growing on me a bit more (still don’t consider it music as much as it is composition).

But the truth is, I run an entertainment company. Even while I do not like country, if an agent to book an artist hit me up, pending all things made sense I would do it. I’m definitely starting to realize that my specialty can be rock/metal but it doesn’t make sense anymore to pigeonhole myself.

Due to these realizations I have recently made, expect to see a wider mix in the genres I promote and the music shows I run. Possibilities to work with an EDM group as a manager have arisen. I don’t want to pass up a good opportunity like I did when I graduated Full Sail (EDM artist wanted me to tour manage for him – I said no because of the genre).

Doors are opening… Time I enter them.

*I know this is my first post in three weeks and I promised to stay more up to date with the posts, and I apologize for that. I will do my best from here on out.


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