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  • Henry Paniccia

Working With One Promoter vs. Multiple

I posted a question on my personal Facebook page asking musicians the following question –

Do you feel it is important to work with multiple (reputable) promoters in your area specifically or just stick to one?

Everyone that answered said basically the same thing, which was multiple.

Key word in that question is “reputable” but otherwise, I agree. Working with multiple different promoters seems to make the most sense.

Working with multiple promoters, PROS and CONS

Pros – Networking with different people in the music business WILL HELP your band grow significantly. The more people you know and have a POSITIVE report with, the better off you will be.

Every promoter’s style is a little different which will help you adapt to different terms and conditions of shows in the future.

Cons – Promoters can be some of the shadiest asshats in the world. It is a hard reality but a reality nonetheless. When working with multiple promoters you have to be a bit more on edge to make sure they are holding up their end of the deal (like showing up, paying you, etc.).

I always caution bands to do their research on promoters. This includes me. I have the ability to be a piece of shit just like anyone else. So find bands that promoters have worked with and ask them how their experience has been.

Pro tip – You can do that by looking at the promoters flyers and looking up the bands on the flyers.

Working with one promoter, PROS and CONS

Pros – You know EXACTLY what to expect from them. You have developed a strong relationship with this individual and you are (probably) at the top of their list for shows they do. I can 100% tell you if you are only working with one promoter, and doing regular shows, they like you for some reason.

Cons – You are only working with one promoter. Will this promoter get jealous is you venture off? Will they see it as a betrayal? It’s possible. So be just as careful of that.

Just something to think about.

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