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  • Henry Paniccia

Utilizing IG/FB/Snapchat Stories

Hello friends. Today we discuss Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories.

I’ll break this down in three different tips that can help you grow your bands fanbase.


Consistency is key, as with most things involving social media. You should be uploading at minimum once per day on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t have anything to upload or post? Find something. Keep in mind I struggle with this too. It has been four days since I uploaded to Instagram and imagine how many followers I didn’t obtain because of those missed opportunities.

I mean, we’re talking at least, five. Maybe seven. Big numbers.

Anyway, the same consistency needs to be applied to your stories. Now, while it is highly annoying to me that I have to upload the same shit on three different platforms, it needs to be done. At least for now. Snapchats recent update has a lot of people angry, myself included, so that remains to be seen if it will be adjusted. I have noticed my Snapchat numbers have tanked quite a bit because no one I know likes this new platform they are using.

You want to have about 7 (at minimum) stories per day on each of these platforms. At most, 25. I’d start with 7 to build because if I don’t know you or hardly know you, your stories have better be fucking amazing for me to watch 25 of them. I got shit to do. So does everyone else.


Having a certain pattern with your stories is important. Are you strictly showing band stuff? Well, you can try but truth be told at some point you are going to have to show something personal because let’s just be honest, you probably don’t have that much content. You can post a breakdown from one of your songs and spread that out over 7 snaps but to do that every day until band practice or solo practice, it will get old. Don’t be afraid to break the pattern from time to time but certainly HAVE a pattern you can consider breaking in the first place.

Some of the best stories I watch are comedy stories from bands. You find the funny guy of the group, he runs them, and each story has a sense of band-related comedy to it.

Don’t stress over this

I’m by no means saying this isn’t important stuff to consider, but don’t let your numbers discourage you. At the peak of my Snapchat using days I had a max of 50-something viewers. Not that great to be honest. At average, maybe 30 viewers. But this didn’t discourage me. New people I never met found me through word of mouth and a couple of shows had more people at them because of it. So just keep trucking, use your platforms correctly, and in time, they will pay off. As with all things.

Like all of social media, this is a tool. Use it to have fun. Use it for a purpose. But all in all, it’s just another thing to help you get your name out there.

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