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  • Henry Paniccia

Working With Trapt

I hit a point in my career I had yet to hit… I worked with a band that I used to jam out to when I was a kid.

Most of the bands I listen to today I used to jam out to when I was a kid. Trapt is still a great band, but not one I regularly listen to today.

In the early 2000’s though, all the time. ‘Headstrong’, ‘Echo’, and others were regularly listened to headbanged to. And last night I was honored to promote them on their ‘Trapt Acoustic Nights’ tour in Tampa, Florida.

The openers were Day Labor Band, Oxmoore, and Atomh’s End. The tour package was Trapt and Easyfriend. The openers did an amazing job. Followed by a new band I never heard before called Easyfriend. I instantly became a fan. Then Trapt followed up with their 70 minute set. It was a great time of new fans and old enjoying the classics and new songs that they have become famous for.

For me, it really was surreal. Watching them play I was reflecting on my previous two years plus of work. The good shows, the shit shows, the bands I have worked with, the tours I have been on. Two years in and I got a band that was once a strong A-lister in the industry. Definitely made me feel like I was doing the right thing with my company. I wonder how long it will be before this becomes a regular thing? I hope not too long. Because that was amazing to be apart of, and I cannot wait for the next.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day! P.P.S. I have been severely slacking on these posts. I will stay regular from now on.

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