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  • Henry Paniccia

RIP Warped Tour

On it’s 24th year, Vans Warped Tour will be wrapping up.

It’s a bittersweet emotion. Warped Tour was responsible for many of the great artists we know and love today getting the attention they deserved that led to their fame. The Warped Tour line up has always been stacked with well over 20 bands and traveled all over the US and beyond. But as is always the case, all good things must come to an end.

On the other hand, Warped Tour leaving leaves a HUGE opening for people like me to step up and take the reins of what John Reese (Mayhem Festival) and Kevin Lyman (Mayhem Festival/Warped Tour) did. While it is easy for me to blame Kevin Lyman for the downfall of Mayhem Fest after his comments about metal becoming “old, fat, and bald” truth is that it was on it’s way out after the final years line up. And while on a personal level I truly enjoyed the Warped Tour this past year, the fact that I enjoyed it so much should be a testimony of how far it had gone from the path it originated on.

Mayhem Fest was for the metalheads but Warped Tour was always for the scene kids. Punk, rap, hardcore, post-hardcore, and the like were common on Warped Tour but heavy metal was typically left out. Of course it would show it’s face from time to time but it was not a common practice.

Danny Wimmer Presents seems to be picking up the slack from all promoters and tour organizers around the country. He is responsible for Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville, Florida, Louder Than Life Fest in Louisville, Kentucky, Carolina Rebellion in Concord, North Carolina, and many more. Typically he does 2-3 day events that draw out 50,000 plus patrons. I’ll be following him very closely to see if and how he decides to pick up this market that Warped Tour leaves behind.

You can see the 2018 Warped Tour dates here.

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