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Two Years In - A Recap

That’s right, folks. Protage, Inc has officially been in business for two years! When I sit here and look back, I have two emotions –

First, I am proud. Protage is not the best promotion company in Florida. Not even in the rock genre. Protage is not constantly dealing with huge acts. Though most of my shows now are for a touring act instead of just showcases. Protage is not even on the radar of the majority of booking agencies.

However, Protage is growing. My first year I did 40 shows all across Florida. This year, Protage has 35 shows. So while I did five shows less in my second year, they vast majority of those shows were with much larger names in rock and metal. This past year I was honored to work with names such as Shallow Side, Seasons After, Makari, Skylight Heights, Breathing Theory, Kill The Sound, NoSelf, and many, many more. The quality of bands that I am working with now is further ahead than my first year. Which is to be expected.

At the end of this year I will be working with my largest name yet, It Lies Within. And I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it.

No touring this past year. I went on two separate tours my first year, The Knowing Within’s ‘Until The Silence Is Dead Tour’ and my project with Megosh, Silverside, and The Knowing Within called ‘The Southern Sanctuary Tour’. I did plan on going on tour this past August but unfortunately it was not possible.

My second emotion is hunger. This next year, the showcases will be even less. In it’s place, larger name touring acts will take its place. This next year, I will be on the road for at least three separate tours, more likely five. This past year I participated in one way or another in two festivals. This next year, I will fully produce at least two festivals. This past year I was not contracted by any other company for my work. This next year, I am already in talks with a company about being contracted for a show (a really big one at that).

Did I plan on hitting the road this past year? Of course. I wish I had. But this past year I dealt with reoccurring health issues. Hindsight being 20-20, it was best I stayed here and hustled like I did. I would not have been useful on the road. This next year I will be on the road, and even more important, I’ll be healthy and useful to the acts I am working with. At the end of the day, it’s about my clients, and not me. I need to be in my best place as possible to ensure I can help them have the greatest outcome.

Recently my partner and I were talking about my work. We were talking about how it is so different from the previous work I have done. I told her that even though this job is more stressful in many ways, and even though the financial reward is less, I enjoy it more. I get to help in keeping the music industry alive. I play my role in ensuring that music continues to thrive and flourish. I am proud of that. I am an amazing investor, but this is where my heart is.

Most people don’t figure out what they really want to do at any point in their life. I was fortunate. Two years ago I started my career. Here’s to many more.

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