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Purpose Of A Concert

This week I want to discuss the purpose of a concert.

Unfortunately, this post is inspired by the horrible events in Las Vegas. The worst mass shooting in American history took place at a concert, and while this is such a tragedy, it hits home even more knowing it happened during an event meant for the exact opposite.

First, I will not be making political statements surrounding this event. That is for other people to discuss. And truthfully, I’m sick of hearing the political end of it. This was a sad event. Fuck the political shit.

This isn’t the first time a concert was attacked. Remember the Eagles Of Death Metal concert in France? Over 100 dead and hundreds injured. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last concert attack either. Any collection of people in large numbers is going to subject to attacks by terrorists.

I love my work. Music genre aside, concerts really are magical places. I have been to a lot of different concerts. Festivals to local shows. Stadium to private invite. House party shows to raves. I’ve been to jazz concerts, rock concerts, metal concerts, rap concerts, country concerts, every genre. Know what they all have in common? People are gathered there because they feel something. They have connected with the music in some way, and because of that they are there for a good time.

I figure most of you reading this are musicians. You need to know that even if you only have one fan, a true fan, someone who knows every lyric, every hook, every verse and chorus, that when they see you they are vibing with you. You created art that they hear (and see) and think to themselves, “damn, it’s like they did this just for me”.

So when you play a live show don’t forget that. Don’t forget that people are there to celebrate your music and their reaction to your music. They love what you have done and the way you did it. Your concert is a representation of your musical purpose in life. Cherish and adore that.

And most certainly, by no means necessary, do you let terrorists scare you from this. He may have accomplished some vile goal but while those lives will never be forgotten by those who cared for the departed, that concert will be drowned out by a million others who show the world just how important it is to rejoice in the name of music.

And I think that is a great way to honor all of those effected by this.

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