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Post One!

My first blog post! I’m very excited for what is coming along within Protage, Inc. I have some phenomenal shows coming up, as well as tour I am about to plan which will include two of my clients, The Knowing Within and Apollo Electric. They will be traveling to roughly 14 different cities across the Midwest and east coast, including some university campuses. So keep posted for that information which will be released in the following weeks.

As for the topic of this particular post, I want to discuss why I chose the bands I chose when putting together a concert. Headliners aside, I chose the local bands that have proven to be professional, draw a significant number of fans, and will work to promote their end of the show. Yes, I am a promoter and that is my job, however local level bands are still required to market shows to the best of their ability. This includes going above and beyond social media. Each band I work with gets a marketing guide I put together that I update every couple months. It includes a show marketing plan as well as general marketing tips that will increase a bands engagement and draw. Seeing as nearly every aspect of the music industry is based on engagement and draw, it is important to keep that in the front of your mind, as a musician, at all times. No promoter wants to work with bands with attitudes either, so the more easy going you are, the better. Organized bands with working equipment work wonders to keep a show running smoothly and on time. I know it seems like common sense, however you’d be amazed how many bands show up to concerts without working cables, or busted drum heads. To conclude, bands that don’t get sloppy drunk or high are also in consideration. When playing a show, yes, have fun, show your fans a good time, but don’t forget that being in a band is a part (or full) time job and you are still required to maintain a level of professionalism.

Stay tuned for next weeks post! Till then, rock on!

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