I’m not sure why some people think that professionalism goes out the window when working in music, but it’s not true. I have turned down bands, job offers, venues wanting me to book shows, all because I saw a lack of professionalism. It’s important. Don’t lie to yourself and think otherwise. Being a professional isn’t about being nice or yessing everyone to death. It’s about being organized and having a clear goal in mind when you present yourself, or your band, or your venue, or whatever. It’s highly annoying when I am dealing with a venue or promoter or band that doesn’t understand basic professionalism is important. I think band members get blamed for this the most but people in the backg

Touring Sickness

I’ve only toured three times in my career. Every time I got sick at some point. You’re constantly around people. You’re constantly shaking hands with people. You’re constantly in new places, with different pollens, with different environments. Your body isn’t going to be used to this, unless you tour 10 months out of the year and chances are you don’t. Before you leave and hit the road make sure you have allergy medicine. Get antibiotics if you think it will be necessary. Make sure all of your medical needs are taken care of. Make sure your tour manager is aware of any medical needs you might have. If you don’t have a tour manager (I’m for hire ;) ) make sure you tell at least one other band

Booking Agents Are A Musicians Best Friend

Booking agents (good booking agents) can be a musician’s best friend. They book you or your band on shows, tours, festivals, whatever. They make sure your rider is met, your needs are followed, and set financial agreements for your band to play. A good booking agent can be the difference between your band being heard by multiple people at shows and you playing to bar staff. Of course the promoter plays a huge role in that as well but the booking agent picks the promoter you deal with. Picking the right promoter is an essential part of the process to ensure you are playing to a large crowd. Being a booking agent is a difficult job. You need to have bands that people want to see, first. No pro

EDM and Music Theory

Most music in general follows a rule of 4. 4 beats per measure, 4 measures before a tempo or beat change. Think of it like this – 1 2 3 4 // 1 2 3 4 // 1 2 3 4 // 1 2 3 4 // 22 33 22 33 // 22 33 22 33… EDM typically seems to follow this same rule but they do mix in the rule of 3. Heavy metal follows the rule of 3. Think of it like this – 1 2 3 // 1 2 3 // 1 2 3 // 111 222 333 // 1 2 3… It is rare that other genres will mix in the rule of 3 seeing as it changes the entire structure of a song. EDM can do this because they mix so many different songs while they perform. In this way, EDM is unique. Because just as it is uncommon for other genres to follow the rule of 3, it is uncommon for hard r

Amputation Anniversary

15 years ago today I was hit by a dump truck while crossing the street. It resulted in the amputation of both of my legs. I spent three months in the hospital before I was released. There are many memories I have of being in that hospital. One in particular relates to music. I had to get skin graphs on my back. Between the truck and the actual amputations my legs had very little skin left on them. So skin was taken from my back and sides of my torso. The bandages would have to be changed regularly and the wounds had to be cleaned once every two weeks. Both processes were extremely painful. On my back in particular, the doctors took off more skin than usual, meaning the healing process was mu

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