Strategizing Your Calendar As A Promoter

Every industry has a season, and music is no different. Any promoter who has been in the game for more than a year knows that October is a heavy touring month, and also the last heavy touring month of the year. Recognizing this we have to ask ourselves who is going to be our best bet as we get bombarded with show offers. I’m fortunate to be at a point where I can say no to the locals touring because I know I will be slammed with other show offers from regional and national acts. This is a great position to be in but there is always a downside… Everyone else is in the same position. Agents do this regardless but especially during the season when all bands are hitting the road. They will conta

Launch Music Conference

This post is a day late because I have just returned from Launch Music Conference. Launch Music Conference was by far one of the coolest conferences I have ever attended. I was able to meet with legends currently in the industry and hear them speak as panelist. Some of the panelists there were current employees of Vans Warped Tour, Outerloop Management, Fearless Records, Catalyst Publicist Agency, and more. After each panel, which unfortunately only lasted 45 minutes to an hour each, we were able to go directly up to these individuals and pick their brain apart about specific questions in relation to their discussion. I was able to sit down with Frank Fanelli for over an hour and discuss tou

How NOT To Get Burned Out

I truly love working in the music business. But just like any job, I don’t like all of it. I don’t mean to sit here and bitch, and I won’t, but sometimes I get very sick and tired of some of the parts that come along with this work. Being on social media all the time inspires this post. Social media is massively important to this industry. You can say it isn’t all you want but it is. Managers, labels, promoters, bands, everyone is looking at your social media first to see how you market. Seeing your marketing technique can tell someone a lot about your music, your dedication, your drive, etc. It’s just simply true. It’s also true that social media isn’t everything, and should never be the on

Branching Out of One Genre

When I first got the idea to work in music, I was at a rock/metal music festival. When I was studying entertainment business, I was told it would be in my best interests to stay in one genre. And I did. For a long time. But to those of you who have been paying attention, I have two rap shows coming up. Same artist, two cities. I have done two or three different EDM shows. I have done three Rock vs. Rap shows. At this point I am seeing the benefit in branching out of just one genre. I will always be a metalhead at heart. I have a select few rappers who I regularly listen to, but otherwise it is metal and rock. I don’t like country. I used to listen to jazz and blues but now the majority of it

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