Sticking Around for the Entire Show

For some reason, that is totally beyond me, bands sometimes dip out of shows after their set. Or they won’t stay for the entire show. Just in case you were wondering, the promoters are the first to notice and the bands are the second to notice. Here’s what this says to me (and many other promoters I’ve met) – “I am too good for this show and do not need to stick around and watch the bands that watched me.” I’m not talking about one member having to leave because they have an early work shift the next day. I’m talking about the entire band dipping out because they simply do not care. When you leave you are taking your fans with you. So now, one of the main purposes of you being there (bring n

Working With One Promoter vs. Multiple

I posted a question on my personal Facebook page asking musicians the following question – “Do you feel it is important to work with multiple (reputable) promoters in your area specifically or just stick to one?” Everyone that answered said basically the same thing, which was multiple. Key word in that question is “reputable” but otherwise, I agree. Working with multiple different promoters seems to make the most sense. Working with multiple promoters, PROS and CONS Pros – Networking with different people in the music business WILL HELP your band grow significantly. The more people you know and have a POSITIVE report with, the better off you will be. Every promoter’s style is a little differ

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