Utilizing IG/FB/Snapchat Stories

Hello friends. Today we discuss Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories. I’ll break this down in three different tips that can help you grow your bands fanbase. Consistency Consistency is key, as with most things involving social media. You should be uploading at minimum once per day on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t have anything to upload or post? Find something. Keep in mind I struggle with this too. It has been four days since I uploaded to Instagram and imagine how many followers I didn’t obtain because of those missed opportunities. I mean, we’re talking at least, five. Maybe seven. Big numbers. Anyway, the same consistency needs to be applied to your stories. Now, while it is highly

Working With Trapt

I hit a point in my career I had yet to hit… I worked with a band that I used to jam out to when I was a kid. Most of the bands I listen to today I used to jam out to when I was a kid. Trapt is still a great band, but not one I regularly listen to today. In the early 2000’s though, all the time. ‘Headstrong’, ‘Echo’, and others were regularly listened to headbanged to. And last night I was honored to promote them on their ‘Trapt Acoustic Nights’ tour in Tampa, Florida. The openers were Day Labor Band, Oxmoore, and Atomh’s End. The tour package was Trapt and Easyfriend. The openers did an amazing job. Followed by a new band I never heard before called Easyfriend. I instantly became a fan. The

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