Slayer Calling It Quits

Slayer announced today that they are embarking on what is likely to be their final US tour with Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament. I can’t say I’m surprised. Mid 1980’s to 2018 is a great run. 33 year or so of making some of the greatest thrash metal hits we have ever had the pleasure of headbanging to. Every metalhead in the world knows who they are, their greatest hits, and their not so good albums. I’ve seen them many, many times live. Including earlier this year with Lamb Of God and Behemoth. That’s what doesn’t make sense to me… they are bringing out two bands they toured with the last time they hit the road. Typically bands like to shake it up a bit, bring new bands on thei

Time Slots

Everyone hates being the opener. Which I can understand to some degree. You’re the first band. That means you are setting the stage for the entire night. It is a lot of pressure. Less people are going to be in the audience to hear you. You are the sound that gets people in the mood for the show to come. Openers are damn important, but not everyone wants to be the opener. You’re the second band. The opener got on stage and set the tone for the night. They did well and now more people are here. More people are catching your band than the opener but the audience still isn’t full. You’re not upset, or at least that upset. You get through half of your set and more people are coming in. Everyone i


Does your band have merch? Yes? Great! No? Why the fuck not? Before you are playing shows, you should have merch. Merch serves a multitude of purposes. For one, it is additional income for your band. You will need and want additional income. Second, it is a great gage of how much fans enjoy your music. No one is buying your band shirt if you suck. Now, granted, someone may buy it if they haven’t heard you before and your design is top notch, but the reality is going to be that it is going to be much more of your fans and people who know your music that want your gear. Unless you’re SLAYER and then even people who don’t like your music will buy it (looking at you, Kylie Jenner, Justin Beiber,

Album Release

Yesterday I had the privilege of being able to attend the album release of my clients in The Knowing Within. They were accompanied by Not In Vain, Be That As It May, Giraffe Fight, Good News We’re Dead, and Lies Behind Your Eyes. It was a phenomenal show from start to finish. Album release shows are a great opportunity for bands. You released your previous EP or LP some months, a year, whenever, back and now you are finally giving your fans what they want… new material. This should be an exciting time for you and a show where you have a massive crowd engaged with your music. Here’s some tips – MARKET! MARKET! MARKET! Do NOT sleep on the advertising for this show. Sell pre sale tickets and se

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