When Is It Time To Tour

Man oh man… work has been VERY slow lately but luckily it won’t be that way for long. Anyway, let’s talk about when it is time for your band to hit the road. There are some hard hitting facts in regards to hitting the road. By this I mean there can be analytical data you can use to gauge when it is the proper time. I would say, if we are using these standards, they would fall under the following – When promoters are always hitting you up to play shows for big name (A-list, B-list, C-list – not just locals) acts. When your draw is 50+ at each show (that’s YOUR draw, as in YOUR door tally, not the ENTIRE show tally). When you are attracting the attention of larger out of town acts. When you ar

RIP Warped Tour

On it’s 24th year, Vans Warped Tour will be wrapping up. It’s a bittersweet emotion. Warped Tour was responsible for many of the great artists we know and love today getting the attention they deserved that led to their fame. The Warped Tour line up has always been stacked with well over 20 bands and traveled all over the US and beyond. But as is always the case, all good things must come to an end. On the other hand, Warped Tour leaving leaves a HUGE opening for people like me to step up and take the reins of what John Reese (Mayhem Festival) and Kevin Lyman (Mayhem Festival/Warped Tour) did. While it is easy for me to blame Kevin Lyman for the downfall of Mayhem Fest after his comments abo

Why I Hate iTunes

Half of you might be saying, “dude, why?” and the other half might be saying “well, duh”. I’ll explain. iTunes was revolutionary in that it was the version of Napster and Limewire that should have been. Finally record labels wised up and decided to license out their client’s music. It makes sense. At that time mp3’s and iPod’s were growing in popularity. While there were other methods to upload music to your new device, there wasn’t really any way to download the music. Here comes iTunes. iTunes was made in conjunction with the iPod. You could buy music there, download it straight to your iPod, and avoid going to FYE. Really genius idea. Until it wasn’t. See, part of what the labels didn’t r

Two Years In - A Recap

That’s right, folks. Protage, Inc has officially been in business for two years! When I sit here and look back, I have two emotions – First, I am proud. Protage is not the best promotion company in Florida. Not even in the rock genre. Protage is not constantly dealing with huge acts. Though most of my shows now are for a touring act instead of just showcases. Protage is not even on the radar of the majority of booking agencies. However, Protage is growing. My first year I did 40 shows all across Florida. This year, Protage has 35 shows. So while I did five shows less in my second year, they vast majority of those shows were with much larger names in rock and metal. This past year I was hon

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