I have absolutely zero interest in being a professional musician. Maybe, because I’m a drummer, one day I’ll join a group of guys and go to your local dive bar and play covers for $100 a night. Outside of that, I have zero interest in doing what I think all of you are doing. A large part of it, perhaps the most important end of it, is that I am a pretty private person. I am relatively introverted in my private life (in my professional life I am much more outgoing). While I think that it would be an amazing feeling to play in front of hundreds or thousands of people, it isn’t something that at my core I have a desire to do. Upon this, I straight up do not have the talent. Know your strengths.

Genre Shifts

It’s been happening for a while. The game is constantly changing. Time to address it. Heavy metal is fading. Hardcore-based genres are following. Alt rock is rising. End of story. Honestly, I’m kind of butt hurt over this. I LOVE my heavy metal. I LOVE my hardcore. And, I LOVE my alt rock. But it is a reality we can’t ignore any longer. I cannot remember the last time I did a strictly metal show. Most of my shows have a genre mix, which I do on purpose, but I don’t even know how many bands would be available for that show, in one market anyway. So first, we’ll talk about the rise of alt rock. I get hit up for more alt rock bands than any other genre. They are touring more, and the popularity

Purpose Of A Concert

This week I want to discuss the purpose of a concert. Unfortunately, this post is inspired by the horrible events in Las Vegas. The worst mass shooting in American history took place at a concert, and while this is such a tragedy, it hits home even more knowing it happened during an event meant for the exact opposite. First, I will not be making political statements surrounding this event. That is for other people to discuss. And truthfully, I’m sick of hearing the political end of it. This was a sad event. Fuck the political shit. This isn’t the first time a concert was attacked. Remember the Eagles Of Death Metal concert in France? Over 100 dead and hundreds injured. Unfortunately, it prob

Getting Back Into Your Routine

So this is going to be a bit different than my typical blog posts. Story time – February 13th this year I got a procedure done called Osseointegration (Oi). Basically, Oi is a procedure for amputees who cannot or don’t want to wear prosthesis due to the socket that the stump goes into. I lost my legs July 1st, 2003 after getting hit by a truck when I was crossing the street. Due to excessive scar tissue on my legs, prosthesis were never an option for me because they skin would constantly break down. I was (and still am) confined to a wheelchair to get around. Oi offers an opportunity for amputees to use prosthesis who did not have that option. It was a long recovery. A VERY painful recovery.

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