Investing In Your Band

Today we will discuss investing in your band. Luis Giler of Discord Theory, who I had the great pleasure of hosting at last nights show, gave this topic to me. His bands performance stole the show and I knew I made a smart decision booking them. It was the first time I had them on a show and definitely not the last. Check them out here! Investing in anything is something I feel incredibly confident with. I have been an investor since I was 18 and that was the business of my first company that I owned on my own (property investing). I love investing, personally. It is like a big puzzle for me, one that takes being creative yet logical reasoning. So, how do you invest, in a smart way, as a mus

EP or Full Length - That Is The Question

Ladies and gentlemen, today we discuss the benefits and disadvantages of putting out an EP vs. putting out a full-length album. EP – short album, typically 4-6 songs, typically about 30 minutes or so Full-Length – longer album, typically 10 songs or more, typically more than 45 minutes First, understand that genre plays a role here. For EDM, rap, pop, country, jazz, and more these circumstances change. Because 99% of my work is in the rock genres, let’s keep it focused there. But, for what it’s worth, full-length (almost) always for these genres. Second, what level is your band at? Are you a local, regional, or national act? Well, it is VERY rare that a national (or international) act puts o

Rap Vs. Rock Recap

I have been fortunate enough to have two separate events linking rap and rock alongside Tampa promoter, John Poet (Poet Vibes). The first one was a massive success where rap musicians and rock bands and their fans came together to enjoy music. This allowed each musician to explore a new fan base and network with other individuals outside of their typical network. Tampa rapper TAL won the first show. He went onto the second and tied with Tampa punk rock band, The Damnsels. The Damnsels are a band I have worked with in the past and they put on an amazing show that is an amazing sight to see. Not being a particularly big punk fan myself, I can and often do seek them out and their shows for a v

What Happens When Your Band Goes Political

I am not, nor will I, make any kind of political statement nor will I take a side. In my personal life I follow politics regularly because it is a personal interest and something I find incredibly fascinating. I have many personal relationships that are based in politics. These people include the left, the right, and everything in between. HOWEVER, I think it is important to keep that aside from your professional life. So, to go political or not. Honestly, it probably won’t have a major impact in regards to your fans. For example, one of the bands I am a HUGE fan of has a vocalist with strong opposing views to mine. I don’t care. He makes great music that I have been listening to for years.

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