OTEP - Lessons to be learned

Otep Shamaya (OTEP) recently came under fire for two separate reasons – issues with The Convalescene (a supporting band on her ‘The Resistance Tour’) and a promoter in Ohio. First, let’s talk about OTEPs requirement during their set, which is not to allow other bands to sell their merchandise during their performance. In a recently Facebook live video she said it is because she shows other bands respect and ask for them to do the same in return. Do I agree with this? No. I think it is an arrogant excuse to have people watch you babble your radical politics on stage under the veil of heavy metal (as was the case with her recent show in Winter Park at the Haven – as multiple people have told m

Austin Jones and other scum like him

Fuck Austin Jones. He is by no means the first or last person involved in the hardcore scene that was arrested or accused of child porn, or exploiting children (Brian Stars anyone?). Nor will he be the last. I’m not sick, so I can’t understand it. Nor do I wish to. Jones basically got in trouble for asking 14-year-old girls to twerk for him while he was on YouTube. He is claiming innocent but video doesn’t lie. For those of you who are single, and hitting the road, this brings up an important note. If you are flirting with a young man or woman, MAKE SURE THEY ARE 18 OR OLDER. I think there are very few things worse than being hit with the title of child molester, or rapist, and the truth is

To promote or not to promote...

Hey there! Today, we talk about promoting concerts. And no, not the how-to, or what-TO-do, or what-NOT-TO-do. We talk about is it worth it. Well, that all depends on YOU. I have had the great pleasure of meeting many amazing music industry professionals. Managers, lawyers, accountants, and more are in this list. However, I have NEVER met more people in the industry that CONCERT PROMOTERS. Concert promotions is the easiest of the music industry jobs to get simply because you contact the venue, contact the bands, organize the show, and BAM! You have a concert. *No, it is not that easy, but that’s basically how it works, in the beginning stages anyway. But does this make you competitive to ot

Planning a tour - Routing

Hello! Let’s talk about tour routing today. Know what’s beautiful for people that are new to the industry? Others than came before you have already done the work for you! I’ll explain… Let’s say you are a hardcore band looking to go on your first tour. You have zero idea of which markets are beneficial. You don’t know the first thing about touring. All you know is that you want to drive to new locations and play. Where do you start? TOUR ROUTING Routing a tour means going and figured out the exactly path you are going to take, or want to take. In my limited touring experience I can absolutely tell you, if you are a smaller level band, you’re plan for a route will be changed. Doesn’t mean

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