Be on time!

Hi everyone! Today I will talk a bit about something I have been bitched at for many, many times – BEING ON TIME! I have been late for two shows I have done. I have done about 70 or so. So this is not about ME BEING ON TIME, it is about YOU BEING ON TIME, and why that is important. I am going to lay out a scenario. This is a very realistic situation, and how most of my shows are set up. Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 8pm. Every band is expect to be at the venue no later than 7pm. Every band is expected to stay the entire show. LOAD IN TIMES Band 1 – 7pm Band 2 – 8pm Band 3 – 8:45pm Band 4 – 9:30pm Headliner – 10:15pm SET TIMES Band 1 – 8-8:30pm Band 2 – 8:45-9:15pm Band 3 – 9:30-10pm Ba

Security Concerns

The horrific incidents that occurred May 22nd, 2017 in the UK at an Ariana Grande concert bring up a topic which isn’t always fun, but is important to consider. Your SECURITY. Was what happened at her concert preventable? Possibly. I will leave that discussion for the police. However, we often wait until a tragedy strikes before we take matters like security into consideration. Musicians are sometimes attacked. Whether it is Dimebag on stage, Justin Beiber by crazed fans, or Randy Blythe in Czech Republic, your security is sometimes in jeopardy. The benefit of being on a stage is that you have a great view of the venue you are playing in. You are already looking out into the crowd, so if you

Post One!

My first blog post! I’m very excited for what is coming along within Protage, Inc. I have some phenomenal shows coming up, as well as tour I am about to plan which will include two of my clients, The Knowing Within and Apollo Electric. They will be traveling to roughly 14 different cities across the Midwest and east coast, including some university campuses. So keep posted for that information which will be released in the following weeks. As for the topic of this particular post, I want to discuss why I chose the bands I chose when putting together a concert. Headliners aside, I chose the local bands that have proven to be professional, draw a significant number of fans, and will work to pr

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