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Concert Promotion


A concert promoter is the person who books and/or promotes bands to play at a venue. Concert promotion is a science. It is so much more than creating a Facebook event page and expecting people to show up. I will provide the graphic design, venue, schedule, payment, transportation and lodging (if necessary) to work with you in creating a great live performance. The key marketing that is required for a successful show is different for every show, and we tailor our marketing plan to your show to ensure it is a success. 

Concert Promotion Work in Tampa and Orlando, FL


If you are a musician and you need someone to help you with concert promotion in Florida, look no further than Protage. Our extensive understanding of the business side of the music industry and knowledge of the Florida locale puts us in the perfect position to match great artists with great venues, great advertising, and great fans.

Our Services to Musicians


Protage is committed to allowing our clients to pursue their artistic vision while enabling them to reach the best audiences available. Our promotion and management services include:

  • Concert Promotion. When you and your band play in Tampa or Orlando, FL, people need to know you’re coming. Protage Inc. is familiar with the locale and provides the advertising, venue, event schedule, transportation, and even lodging; you provide the music.

  • Artist Management. In the day-to-day life of your band, it can be challenging to balance legalities, marketing, negotiations with music labels, bookings, recording schedules, promotions, and other operations with your music. An artist manager takes care of the business side of things, making sure that you can successfully market your content without taking you away from the creation of it.

  • Tour Management. If you’re a local band and you’re touring within or away from Florida, Protage Inc. can manage your tour. We will travel with you and take care of your transportation and security needs, ensure that all the moving parts come together, and make sure the tour is a success.


Our motto “Protect the Diamond” signifies our commitment to helping musicians realize their vision, whether that vision is for a single show, a whole tour, or their entire brand. No matter the scope, Protage, can make your promotion dreams a practical reality.

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If you’re ready to take your band to the next level of success, fill out our contact form and give us the specifics. Whether you’re getting ready for a tour, seeking a new manager, or looking for concert promotion in the Orlando or Tampa, FL, area, let Protage, make you look good.

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